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  • COLORSUITE ®, the certified Faenza IG colour management system, provides a combination of services which solve the problem of quality and colour yield between:

    original > photograph > executive file > colour proof > printed product.

    With the linearity and profiling of the entire Faenza IG work flow, we have managed to drastically

    reduce the various gaps created during the different phases of the preparation of a printed product.

    One of the main advantages of COLORSUITE ® is the stabilisation of the printing process.

    The print quality of the end product is enhanced because:

    • We can start with .row images
    • The separations are harmonised.
    • Colour variations are reduced.
    • Repeat jobs can be reproduced better.
    • Incorrect GCR/UCR settings are corrected.
    • The contrast and the image definition in the shadows are improved.

    We can also directly manage printing, following the proofs supplied by the customer, even if they are not ISO FOGRA certified, by adapting the profiles directly to the original file using a target test.

    We can also provide certified soft proofing or remote proofing should the customer have compatible printers.

  • STACCATO ® is a new frequency modulated screening technique which has to be seen to be believed.

    With STACCATO ® 20 micron or 10 micron, Kodak technology is implemented with great professionalism by the Faenza IG technicians, creating endless possibilities.

    This new screening technology takes printing to a new level: outstanding photographic print quality thanks to a wider colour palette, greater contrast and three-dimensionality. STACCATO ® offers GREATER REALISM, GREATER DETAIL and GREATER UNIFORMITY.

    Faenza IG has also perfected a work flow which allows it to print the same file with both traditional screening and STACCATO ® screening, allowing the customer to choose the end result he wants from the same executive file.

  • DUALEFFECT ® is a new solution which uses water dispersion based coatings to produce an exclusive glossy/matt effect which has a great variety of creative applications.

    By covering some areas with a matt coating and enhancing the others with a glossy coating, great contrast and a top class finish are guaranteed.

    There are three possible applications: high matt, high gloss and light.

    This technology is an effective alternative to high gloss laminating.

    DUALEFFECT ® is the perfect solution for printing brochures, catalogues and top-of-the-range products where partial coating calls for great expertise, especially when finishing minor details (such as thin lines, writing, half-rounds, etc.).

    The advantages of our DUALEFFECT ® technology compared to UV screen printing are:

    • Perfect register between the printed subject and the glossy/matt parts.
    • Possibility of having glossy/matt screened sections.
    • Coating times cut (this process takes place during printing).
    • No costs for screen printing screens and/or photopolymer plates.
    • No transportation costs involved to move the printed sheets to the coating department.
    • 50% reduction in costs compared to materials used in UV.
    • Ecologically sustainable (no waste released into the environment).
  • METALLIZED ® is the groundbreaking technology pioneered by Faenza IG to print pictures with metallic colours in CMYK and produce metallic surface effects and colours which look just like the real thing.

    Thanks to METALLIZED ®, printing pictures with metallic colours is now a real option.
    Up to recently no inks were available for this kind of printing, even though the demand for prints in four colours with metallic colours was high.

    After over a year of research, Faenza IG is proud to present METALLIZED ® , the new system which reproduces pictures of any kind in metallic colours, printed in CMYK, which are true to the original.

    This breakthrough has been welcomed by everyone because industries are constantly coming up with more and more products that use metallic colours: cars, mobile phones, fashion accessories.

  • AROMAPRINT ® is the technology developed by Faenza IG which can make any product which is printed on either paper or PVC at our plants unmistakably… scented.

    We offer a wide range of fragrances and can even create special ones to customer specifications.

    AROMAPRINT ® is suitable for printing catalogues, leaflets, product presentation signs and packaging.
    And its pleasant, lingering fragrance gives it great appeal.