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Production Flow


Faenza IG’s aim in the editing process is to bring together all the resources needed for a successful communication project, respecting the different roles and responsibilities.

After meeting the customer for a briefing to acquire all the information needed to identify the reference target, the Editing Division starts developing an idea, involving the various internal departments (prepress, technical, finishing and arrangement) and external professionals (freelance experts, graphic studios and agencies we have a long-standing business relationship with).

The result is a final project with no surprises up its sleeves, as far as feasibility, time delays and cost increases are concerned, because it has been developed every step of the way with our technical advisory team.


The Prepress Division is equipped with the latest cutting-edge technologies to guarantee high quality printing – from CTP with STOCASTICA FM ® screening to contractual colour proofs calibrated using GMG Color Management on the ISO FOGRA scale.

But the real ace up the sleeve of the Prepress Division is its staff of highly qualified, reliable and flexible technicians. It is thanks to them that we can satisfy so many customer demands with quick and efficient “last-minute” solutions.


We have been printing with colour offset machines for over 35 years.

As far back as 18 years ago, our strategic strategy was to focus on printing in more than four colours, with in-line finishing. Today we have two 6-colour machines, both with in-line coating using spreading machines in 72×104 cm format (the format most commonly identified with high quality).

The quality and reputation of the six-colour Heidelberg CD 102 LX with in-line coating and long output with a double oven can be appreciated when printing both commercial catalogues and books, magazines and packaging.

The latest jewel in the company’s crown is the fully equipped Heidelberg Speed Master 10 Colour, which takes the quality of the 72×104 format and applies it to print runs of products which are usually produced on a rotary press.

All our machines are connected to our Prepress Service by our internal network and the software we use guarantees perfect colour balance between the original file and the printed product.

The result is rapid production times, top quality and highly competitive costs.


5-colour Indigo digital printing and customisation

Faenza IG offers digital printing services with offset quality for commercial products, catalogues, books and presentations of document previews (e.g.: presentations of new products to the work force, corporate financial statements, photographic books for the fashion industry, etc.).

We can print on any kind of paper or plastic support and can customise the printed articles (even for just one copy) with variable data, whether alphanumeric or images.


The final stage in the production process is the finishing of the printed product using special processes such as lamina, gloss and matt coatings or customized finishes.

The product is then made up using a wide variety of techniques: traditional binding with threaded, milled or paperboard paperback binding, Singer stitches, spiral binding using metal or plastic spirals and a number of different die-cutting options.


Smooth running logistics solve all our customers’ problems: partial deliveries to customers in Italy and abroad, difficulties with storing goods and special arrangements for promotions or trade fairs.
With such well-structured logistics in place, we can also handle important DIRECT MAILING operations: from managing the shipment and liaising with the Italian Post Office or the Post Office in the country of destination, to the acquisition of “selected” names (thanks to our close working relationship with the distribution department of our publishing house).
We also work in conjunction with our publishing house in the BOOK DISTRIBUTION SECTOR, allowing us to supply leading bookshops with even relatively small runs.

Click here to request the Faenza IG PLANT LIST.

Click here to request the Faenza IG PLANT LIST.