With FAENZAGREEN® and LifeGate® your sustainability report has a healthy colour to it.

With FAENZAGREEN® and the LifeGate® Zero Impact® project, printing is no longer a burden on the environment and this is an important aspect of your corporate sustainability report. If you sign up to the project, you are entitled to endorse all your publications with the Zero Impact® brand, you will receive a certificate showing you have joined the project and your company will be entered into international databases.

The Zero Impact® project was created by LifeGate®, the media network and advisor for sustainable growth. It calculates, reduces and offsets CO₂ emissions generated by products, activities and events.


FSC® is an international NGO, independent and non-profit, established in 1993 to promote responsible management of the world’s forests and plantations. Its members, which total almost 900, include environmental and social groups, indigenous communities, forest owners, industries which process and sell wood and paper, groups from the mass retail business, researchers and engineers.

In Italy

FSC® Italia was established in 2001 as a non-profit association which pursues the same aims as FSC® International. The FSC® trademark has taken on a key role in the marketing of forest products such as wood, paper and non-wood products (like, for example, cork) in Italy too, and our country ranks fifth in the FSC® international Chain of Custody certification program me.
FSC® is not only synonymous of quality and innovation but is also a reference point for the legality and sustainability of the wood-paper production process, in accordance with the latest responsible management standards for this resource of the forest.

FSC® promotes responsible forest management throughout the world and works to:

Respect the environment

Protect and maintain natural communities and high conservation value forests.

Be socially useful

Respect the rights of workers and indigenous communities and peoples.

Be economically sustainable

Build markets, add greater value and ensure equitable access to the benefits.

With FAENZAGREEN® you can do your bit for our planet – for now and the future.


FAENZA GROUP is really green.

Take, for instance, the group’s new Milan headquarters: it is entirely triple A rated, which means zero environmental impact. Or, what about the reorganisation of its entire production cycle to guarantee record reductions in energy consumption?

And if you want another example, remember that FAENZA GROUP was one of the very first companies in Europe to implement FSC® certified production, with controlled resources of raw materials such as paper and cardboard.

So when you think green, you can think FAENZA GROUP.